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    Cloud Solutions Development Center
    We partner with your organization
    to deliver business solutions.
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    Modernize your business-critical
    applications using the most
    appropriate design approach.
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    AZUR Innova leverages years of R&D expertise to
    interconnect cloud technologies.
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    Experiment the first version of your
    envisioned cloud software
    within a few days!

Why AZUR Innova?

To transform your software vision into a cloud prototype in less than 48 hours.


Describe the Envisioned Business Solution

Business needs
You provide us with the definition of your cloud software needs from:
  • A list of new business requirements
  • A legacy mission-critical software documentation
  • An existing Access or Excel solution
  • A request for proposals (RFP)
Agile Solution

Experience AZUR Innova’s Optimized Agile Solution

We use our unique Optimized Agile Solution to quickly design and build working software prototypes in record time, that delivers:
  • Efficient path to project understanding, feasibility, and scoping
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved stakeholders satisfaction
  • Great return on investment
Optimized Agile Solution

Try your Cloud Software as it Grows

Cloud Software as it Grows
When the project is started, we deploy your software online over a number of iterations.
Your multidisciplinary teams can then access the software from our Solution Center at any time to try, test, and provide timely feedback.

AZUR Innova Value Proposition

Quick Development of a Cloud Software Prototype
Quickly evaluate your project objectives, feasibility and scope before committing to the project!
Lower Project Risk
We are able to lower project risks by bringing our extensive cloud expertise, acquired through hundreds of customer projects, into our Optimized Agile Solution.
Highest Software Quality
Resulting from years of prerequesite R&D efforts on majors cloud platforms and development tools.
High Value with Unbeatable ROI
With the close online agile collaboration of our mutual expert teams and with the best high-productivity tools, we will produce your software at the lowest cost possible.

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