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15 Mar

Using BizDevOps and Microsoft Tools to Develop Cloud Solutions More Efficiently

The emergence of the BizDevOps method has truly changed the way software development projects are led. Businesses and IT departments no longer have to work in silos; instead, projects are achieved in continued collaboration. In this article, we will discuss how AZUR Group was able to evolve from Agile to DevOps and then to BizDevOps. We also explain how we developed our own approach: the Optimized Agile Solution, which now serves as the cornerstone of AZUR Group’s Cloud Solutions Development Center: AZUR Innova.

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7 Nov

Power BI Embedded: Operationalizing Analytics for Optimal Decision Making

The business intelligence industry is currently in the midst of a major overhaul. Long gone are the days when executives had to wait hours, or even days, for their IT teams to extract valuable business insights from the company databases. Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) software tools, such as Microsoft’s Power BI, are leading a movement of data democratization that now allows a wider range of users to analyse data at hand and draw conclusions driving efficient decision making.

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3 Oct

3 Major Benefits of Angular 2 for Business Web Application Development

After creating one of the most popular frameworks in recent years with AngularJS, many wondered how Google would live up to expectations with its next version, Angular 2. Would they simply address key issues raised by users, add some new features and adjust the logo, or go for a major overhaul of the framework? Surely, the safe bet would have been the first option: after all, you usually don’t change a winning formula.

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25 Sep

Increasing Business Efficiency with Tailored, Connected Cloud Solutions

Do your business processes set you apart from your competitors? How do your key differentiators measure up in the marketplace? Does your business-critical cloud solution connect to your cloud CRM and ERP systems to provide the right information at the right time, so you can process customer requests quickly and effectively?

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