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Define Software Vision

Phase 0. Define Software Vision

We’ll invest our resources to design and build the first version of your software, in order to:
  • Promptly present a working software prototype to your project stakeholders that matches their vision.
  • Demonstrate our expertise and ability to develop your software.
  • Enable you to assess cloud technologies we are proposing for your project.
Project Definition

Phase 1. Project Definition

At this stage, we will work with your team to provide project costs and delivery date estimates.
  • Improve the design of the software prototype with project stakeholders to fully scope the project.
  • Define the complete product backlog.
  • Synchronize software deliveries with business objectives.
Software Development

Phase 2. Software Development

Project is started and your software is getting built as shown in the figure below: Scrum Methodology.
Your team can validate the software quality being delivered every few weeks (2 to 4) on the AZUR Innova’s Solutions Center. We proceed with agile iterations until the software is delivered in production mode.

SCRUM Methodology
Training and Support

Training and Support

Our team of experienced software engineers provide insights and recommendations to implement best practices of software maintenance and training activities, so you can get the most out of your cloud based software implementation, advanced cloud architecture, and security features.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Our BI experts help you leverage and analyze your data via dashboards and reports definition and creation destined for business users and the management team.

System Integration

System Integration

We integrate your Cloud software with legacy or third-party systems to ensure all systems are communicating effectively.

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